How do I create a local discussion question and why should I do it?

Creating local discussion questions is a great way to get you engaging with customers and discussing positive features about the neighbourhood. To create a local discussion log in to your Homely account through Please note that it is worth while searching existing Q & A's on Homely as your question may have been asked and answered. 

To do this, press the Q & A button and click on either an existing question or one of the 'Most Vocal Regions' - Once here, look at previous asked questions, if it does not exist please read below about 'How to Post a Local discussion question' 

How to Post a Local Discussion Question
Step 1: 

Log in to your Homely account. 

Step 2:

Press the Q & A button on the home page. 

Step 3:

Type the question that you want a response to: 

Step 4:

Fill out the content in depth to ensure your question provides as much information as possible. This will increase the likelihood that you generate good responses. 

And that is how you write a local discussion question.

Why create a local discussion question?

The reason to create a local discussion question is because it makes you a more engaged agent. By posting local discussion questions it demonstrates your local expertise, your engagement in the community and your willingness to want to grow user information for people interested in finding out about local areas that you represent. 

You also earn points on your Homely profile which goes a long way in establishing you as the local area expert for the area you represent. 

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