How do I become the local expert?

Becoming the local expert of an area is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and networks to existing buyers and sellers. Whilst it does take time to build up your profile and generate credibility, there are a few things you can implement in order to be the best local expert you can be.

1. Write reviews

Writing reviews can be done at any level of an area. You can review a neighborhood that you are fond of or represent, a suburb that you like and hold in high regard, all the way down to streets that you know inside and out and can give personal information on. Reviewing at this level shows your true expertise of an area. 

2. Post Questions

Posting questions is a great way to stay engaged in conversations, earn points, and demonstrate your local expertise. To do this, once on the allocated suburb, street or area that you want to review please type in your question and press 'Ask Question' 

3. Answer Questions

The opportunity to answer questions posted by locals is another great way to both build up your ranking points. This also keep you engaged with the locals of that region. 

By undertaking reviews, posting questions and answering questions, you will be the most engaged agent you can possibly be. By following these three tips you can easily demonstrate how you attempt to excel as your role as a local area expert. 
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