How do I stop my competitors from rating me?

Being reviewed by competitors can pose an element of threat if their review is seen to be untrustworthy and inaccurate to the service that you are offering.

Unlike other reviews sites Homely Agent reviews have been built to protect agents and give them a chance to have their say before the review goes live.  

Step 1:
To place a review you must have a registered account on Homely. This prevents competing agents coming on and writing slander without having an established profile.

Step 2:
All reviews that are written about other agents are monitored by the Homely team. We ensure that reviews cannot be written in a purely defamatory sense.

Step 3:
Agents can request for a review to be removed. If the Community Management team at Homely find the review has not aligned with the our review guidelines we can remove this.

By initiating these protocols, we believe we can prevent a large amount of fictitious reviews being place upon agents by competitors. Whilst competitors do have the right to review you as an agent if they have interacted with you and used your services, Homely aims to ensure that the reviews in this manner are done in a fair manner and uphold the Homely spirit. 
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