Agent ratings and reviews


Homely Agent ratings and reviews are the most powerful way to validate your services as an agent and as a business. 

Unlike other traditional review websites, we listened to real estate agent concerns when building our agent review platform to ensure.

1. Protection from anonymous or competitor reviews - we require a login and property address details.
2. No review is published without the agent having a chance to have their say.
3. Agents can report reviews they believe to be inappropriate to The Homely moderation team for review.

How do ratings and reviews help you as an agent?

  • Showcases your customer service
  • Provides validity from other consumers
  • Creates a point of difference, which showcases your skills over agents who have not been reviewed
  • It positions you front and centre for when people come to search for real estate agents
  • Provides a complete profile, meaning all of the information that consumers search for are presented in one place

So get started and begin collecting your agent reviews and ratings now!

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