How powerful can reviews be?


When you are thinking about which restaurant to eat at or which place to take your car to get serviced, what do you do?

You look for reviews, feedback, comments and information as to other people's experience in using that service. This is the way now consumer information, and it's not different for when people when they look at engaging a real estate agent.

User reviews are changing the way people purchase. No longer do users purchase without undertaking research, and with the internet so readily available, consumers are doing their homework before making decisions.

How does this affect you as an agent?

With 90% of Yelp Users Say Positive Reviews Affect Their Purchases, it is just as essential that you build your profile and generate positive reviews for consumers looking at engaging with a real estate agent.

By having strong user reviews from consumers who have engaged in your services, you build trust but more importantly validation. By being rated as a highly professional and well engaged agent you improve the chances that consumers will want to choose you as their agent of choice.

Yelp’s research demonstrate that:

1. 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations

2. 90% of users say positive reviews impact their decisions making.

Therefore, having yourself represented and highly rated can increase your engagement with your customers and validate the great service offering that you have.

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