How can I get more reviews?

Getting reviews is a great way to build your online profile and establish yourself as a market leader. However getting them can take time and there are some key tips you should follow in order to ensure that you get as many reviews from your consumers as possible.

1. Just ask- Asking consumers to review you online is the quickest and easiest way to generate more reviews from the people you have dealt with. Following up from inspections or auctions with an email that links them to your local expert profile will help this.

2. Explain why reviews help them- Explaining to consumers how reviews can help them in the long run is another great way to get consumers to write reviews about you. If you explain that user generated reviews are exceptionally trusted and give a good insight in to the service offered, it will encourage them to write reviews as they will want the same information when they search themselves.

3. Give case studies where reviews have helped- If you have the ability to demonstrate to consumers where reviews helped other customers of yours in the past, it will help them understand why to do it and the added benefits that reviews can offer. By encouraging reviews in this way it puts the benefits of reviews in the consumers perspective and will help them understand why to do it.

4. Give them every opportunity!- Most agents will not get reviewed the first time that they ask, however having a system that allows continuous avenues to review you as an agent is a sure fired way to get reviews from consumers. Even if this means it takes months to receive reviews, having your Local Expert profile on your email signature, sending a polite reminder email to request a review and sending other reviews you have received to consumers are great ways to provide opportunities to be reviewed.
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