What information can you discover about a neighbourhood?

At Homely, we beleive there is nothing better than unlocking the secrets of the neighbourhood through community reviews, ratings, discussions and connecting with the locals.

In fact Homely's community has been built over 5 years with over 10 million people visiting to find what the locals think.

When you visit a Homely suburb, street or city page you will see the following information:

1. A "StreetScore" and suburb rank based on the reviews provided by locals.

2. A photo and video gallery

3. An overview of what the location is "Great For", "Not Great For" and "Who Lives Here"

4. Ask A Question section - get answer from locals ready to help

5. Reviews of the neighbourhood - the largest collection in Australia!

6. Top Rated Streets - based on reviews from locals

7. "Hot Topics" - Popular questions and discussions per suburb.

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