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Why would I want to review where I live?

Reviewing places is a fun way to let others know what you REALLY think of life in your area.

Many have had great life experiences in their streets/cities/neighborhoods, while others not so great. We believe people want to talk about these experiences and StreetAdvisor provides the easiest place to share this information.

The larger the community of reviewers, the more valuable for everyone, because eventually everyone needs to find a new place to live.

Sounds great! How do I start writing reviews?

Begin by searching for the place you want to review. Once on the location page, click the 'Write a Review' button to get started.

Do my reviews have to be positive?

Absolutely not! The main thing to remember when writing a review is to be honest. We want people to be informed about every aspect of the places you review, both the good and the bad.

Can I edit my review?

Yes, if you have made a mistake or want to add some more information, you can log in and edit your reviews.

Can I write a review on where I used to live? What about my holiday house?

Of course you can! You can review as many places as you like.

Someone in my area has posted a very biased negative review that I disagree with. Is there any way I can get their review removed?

Again, we believe everyone has a right to express their own opinion, as long as it doesn't conflict with our review guidelines. The best thing you can do is write another review explaining why you disagree with them, or comment on their review explaining your opinion.

How are your rankings calculated?

Our rankings begin with reviews written by locals. Each review contains certain scoring elements that tell us how good, or how bad a place is. We then combine all the scores and apply a 'fairness' factor that takes into account things such as volume of reviews, age of reviews and the type of person writing a review. We then apply a rank so we can compare and sort locations.

I've reviewed my street/city/neighborhood, but it doesn't have a rank?

Each location must have certain number of reviews to qualify for a rank. Ask a friend or relative to also write a review to help your location get ranked.

Some reviews are labelled 'Editors Choice'. What are Editors Choice reviews?

The Editors Choice award is given to an outstanding review written by a member of the StreetAdvisor community. It represents the very highest award that can be given by the StreetAdvisor team.

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