Tips on how to promote your Premier Agent profile


Your Premier Agent Account is a unique opportunity to promote everything you know about your local market, sales/leasing success data, customer reviews as well as building a new audience of followers and fans you can market to.

Here are some tips on how to maximise your Premier Agent profile as the more information you share and add will help win you more business.

The best way to promote yourself to sellers, buyers, renters or even co-workers is to share or link to your Agent Showcase.

You can find your agent showcase by searching for your name at



Your agent showcase includes 6 main tabs - My Story, Reviews, Questions, Suburb Reviews, Followers and Activity.

My StoryThis includes your "About you" section and your 'success map' with all your performance stats from past three years.  


  1. Look over your success map and advise us if there are any properties you've sold/leased that aren't on the list/map (from the previous three years)
  2. Confirm all your current listings are on your map
  3. If you have any other videos we are happy to add them to your profile, just send through the Youtube link to


ReviewsThis section is agent controlled and with each review will give you more creditability/trust amongst potential new clients. No review can go live without you having a chance to rebut or review the content. 


  1. Request your past clients to leave you a review. You can do this through the "Agent Reviews" section (you must login to your profile to see the Agent Reviews section).
  2. Share your "Write a Review of me" link in emails, on your newsletters etc. Your unique URL link is located at the bottom of the "Agent Reviews" section. 


- When you sell or lease a property a email will automatically be sent to you reminding you to seek a review from your client (via email)

- You will have two weeks to approve or dispute a review before it goes live. If you receive an unfavourable review this two week window gives you enough time to contact your client to sort out the miscommunication. 


QuestionsThis is the easiest way to show prospective and existing clients how well you know your local markets.  The question section of the site is where people can ask specific questions about suburbs or neighbourhoods and if you answer any questions it will link back to your profile, cementing you as the local expert. 


  1. Find your suburb's Most Popular and Unanswered Questions - and answer them or join the conversation. Find suburbs you service at the questions you need to get involved in are located on the right hand side of the page.

We suggest answering a question or two a week (in different areas) as anything you answer will be shown in your questions section. This way you will really cement yourself as a expert in your area.


Suburb reviews - The best way to show you know the neighbourhoods you service is to share your best experiences to others. Reviews take only a few minutes. If you review any suburb (we suggest reviewing your ten suburbs your Premier Agent profile is featured in) it will automatically be featured in the suburb review section. 

To Write a Review visit the Suburb Reviews page, search for your location and then click the "Write Review" button.


  1. Do one review each week for each of your serviced locations. This will push an activity feed update our more often.
  2. To earn more credibility write a review of a street within your favourite suburbs
  3. Write a Review of where you live.
  4.  Check out Templestowe for good suburb review examples



FollowersAnyone (potential clients or other agents) can 'follow' you and they will receive a weekly email with a run down on what you have done (listings, sold, etc).


  1. We suggest you follow other agents in your area as well, so you can keep on top of what they are listings, selling and listing. 
  2. Ask your customers and colleagues to follow you, every time you do something great they will hear about it!


Activity - Your activity section will list all your activity including properties listed, sold, leased, etc 


  1. Anytime you do anything on the homely site (leave a review, answer a question, list, sell or lease a property) it will be linked back to your profile giving you more exposure on the site. 


Bonus Tip! Add a link to your email signature - best phrases to consider, "See my Agent Showcase", "See why I'm a Premier Agent" or "I'm the Local Expert in <suburb>"




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